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My TRX workout

Happy Fitness Friday my friends! I am exited to share with you my love for TRX. It is such a great workout and I especially love the arm workout I can get from the straps. I think that it really gets the arms in a way that no other workout does. Adding TRX to your workout will help sculpt and change the body for the best. I love mixing it with Hiit, it just gets the sweat going and the calories burning! Here are some of my favorite moves!

Also I’m loving this workout gear from Gazelle Sports! I think the gold sparkle in the leggings is amazing and they were extremely comfortable that I could wear them all day. They also move really well for an intense workout!  Now these Adidas shoes are so soft and comfortable that you don’t even feel like you are wearing shoes. They also fit well and are great in a touch workout like hiit! I hope you enjoy and you all have a wonderful weekend!!

And remember to check out my Styleshack page where you can shop more of my favorite looks from Gazelle and other local Detroit shops! Happy workout!















Leggings; Similar; Similar
Jacket; SimilarSimilar
Kicks; Similar

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  1. Great post! I definitely need to incorporate some TRX into my workout routine. I’m also obsessed with those leggings and love your workout look overall! Great clothes can really motivate you to sweat, right?

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