Friday Fitness

Good Morning!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and are getting ready for a great weekend. I haven’t posted a fitness post in awhile. I think it’s been awhile because summer has been so busy that I let my nutrient side of fitness slide and I wasn’t comfortable showing my body. I am still a work in progress but I am hopefully making the right choices now.
It can be hard to eat healthy during the summer months because of the extra vacations that go along with summer. And with a 21 month old it can be easy to get wrapped up in their lives and what they are eating that you forget to take care of yourself. Losing weight has never been easy for me and I have never been “thin.” Not that I am striving towards thin. I consider myself more athletic strong and I would like to stay that way but I have a few more pounds that I would like lose. And maybe it’s not even pounds more than getting my eating right. I started counting my macros a few weeks ago and it has been working so far! I decided to make the change when the summer ended because I needed something new to restart my healthy eating. After I stopped breast feeding completely my weight stood still and I even gained a few unwanted pounds that I just couldn’t shake this summer. So I hope this can be the beginning of getting healthy and making better healthy eating choices.
I’ve got the fitness part down. I love doing hiit exercises as well as weight training and Pilates. The athlete in me could work out 2 hours a day but I’m doing about 60 to 80 mins a day. Here are a few exercise I love to do and of course some cute fitness clothes to go along with it. I love Fabletics because of how high I can wear the leggings. They are honestly amazing to workout in a wear all day!
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