My workout after baby

Like I’ve said before I used to run a lot before Nathan was born. But during my pregnancy I tried to run and it just never felt right. I was really uncomfortable and it was a little bit painful. So I stopped running and did weights and low intensity cardio for the first two trimesters. Unfortunately I didn’t work out as well or as much as I normally do and I gained more weight than I would have liked. The upside was that I got this amazing little boy and I for once didn’t stress out about every little thing I put in my mouth. But by the time I was allowed to exercise again I was SO ready to get back in the game. Now because I had a baby and Darin was off at work I had to find something new to do, and to do at home. I chose to do HIIT exercises, high intensity interval training, as my workout. I knew that this would be a journey and I started off slowly, taking it day by day and the weight slowly came off. I actually started on a stationary bike for about 20 minutes and would do a small amount of HIIT; working up to about an hour. Being an athlete my whole life anything shorter than an hour doesn’t feel like enough for me but with HIIT training you don’t have to do that much. That is a personal preference for me.  I work out with They have my favorite workouts and they are fun to do. I had done some of their workouts before I was pregnant so I knew it was something I could do at home and get a great workout. Sometimes I mix their workout together and sometimes I just do one. They have all types and ranges and levels of workouts. If you are stuck at home this the best, in my opinion, workout to do. It doesn’t get boring and the exercises change constantly so your body doesn’t get used to what you are doing. It keeps your muscles on its toes!
During my workout I do intervals of 20 seconds of an exercise as fast I can do, then do 10 seconds of recovery (like jog in place). Fitness blender mixes up the exercises, which I also like to do to keep the workout flowing. Some my favorite exercises are, squat jumps, jumping lunges, burpees, x burpees, star jumps, squat jacks, plank jacks, walking push-ups, double butt kickers and thigh slaps just to name a few. I would do 2 rounds of an exercise then switch to a new round of 2, then repeat that set one more time through before changing to new exercises. (Ex. AA,BB,AA,BB then start with new exercises.)
If you have any more questions about my workouts please feel free to ask!  Also I found these leggings on old and they are surprisingly really great and sturdy for working out in!
imageimageimageimageimageimageimageLeggings: Old Navy: similar ( these ones are out of stock 🙁 )
Top: Fabletics
Shoes: Nike: Similar
Workouts: Fitness Blender: I follow them on YouTube

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