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I used to be a really big runner before I had Nathan, but I’m not able to just go out for a run like I used to. One thing I never really did before a run was stretch and I paid for that over the course of running with back and knee pain. Once I started doing Pilates and warming up before my cardio workouts I found myself with less injuries. So before you set off on your next run or any cardio add a few little active stretches to your workout. My favorite are legs swings and high knees. I would do about 30 seconds of each. Some great exercises are boxers scuffle, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, legs swings (forward and side) and high knees. I do these warm-up exercises before my HIIT workouts to get me ready for the intensity of the workout.

As for my outfit I found this amazing workout top at target! The leggings are from Fabletics and are right up there with my all time favorites. I basically wear them all day! Let me know your favorite warm up exercises! And enjoy your workout!!


imageTop: Target
Leggings: Fabletics
Shoes: New Balance
Beanie: Target

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