Halloween and Hosptial visits

Happy November everyone! It has been one busy week here at the Main’s.
My parents were going to be out-of-town for Halloween so we decided to do Halloween a little bit early at my parents house so that they could see Nathan in his costume. My sister brought her daughter Haley over in her costume too. We had so much fun dressing Nathan up and taking pictures of him in his tiger costume. I’m now really happy we took pictures early  because Friday night we had to take Nathan to the hospital to get 5 stitches.
Friday afternoon Nathan and I were upstairs playing when he started crawling towards our bed. He tried to stand up and slipped right onto the edge of our bed frame, slicing his upper lip and face. I of course was frantic, running around trying to stop the bleeding(which luckily stopped pretty quickly) and calling my husband to let him know what happened. We went right to our after hours clinic and they sent us to the emergency room; who then sent us to the U of M Hospital because of the nature of the cut. Of course I was a mess inside but Nathan was calm and laughing and acting like himself. He was such brave little guy. Once we were all checked in at U of M, they told us that they would have to put him to sleep to stitch the cut.  Watching him get the IV was hard and seeing him coming in and out of sleep was terrifying for me and Darin, but everything went really well. He was a tough guy. Nathan was back to himself right away like nothing happened! Although he did hate getting that IV. It almost seemed harder on us as parents than it did Nathan.  It was our first scary parent moment.
This was Nathan’s first Halloween and because of our late night (we got home around 2am) he slept through most of it. He did wake up long enough for us to put him back in his tiger outfit and help us hand out candy to a few kids. With his stitches maybe I should have had him be Frankenstein or something!
I’m so happy that everything turned out ok. U of M was so great, I knew he was in really good hands. Nathan is back to his  happy self and probably doesn’t even remember what happened, although I will never forget. I love this little tiger of ours.stephanie-nathan-1061
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  1. Marsha Main
    November 1, 2015 / 9:05 pm

    Nathan is such a happy and confident little guy, that I wasn’t surprised to see him his happy self so soon after your rough night at Mott. It brought back memories of Darin’s stitches as a child. The beautiful pictures that your Mother takes are stunning. Of course she has wonderful subjects and her love of her family is captured in every shot. Such a talent.

  2. November 19, 2015 / 11:59 pm

    So glad to hear that your little man is ok – a mom is always far more upset over a child’s injury than the child even is. On a side note, I completely love this outfit….so rocker-chic!

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