Chloe and Isabel

I recently joined the Chloe and Isabel team as a merchandiser! During this pregnancy I had a hard time really celebrating my style. While I found great websites such as Pink Blush Maternity it sometimes was hard to justify buying something that you’ll only wear once or twice as my body continued to change day by day. So what I really became drawn to was jewelry. Something I knew I’d be able to wear after my baby is born. While clothing options become smaller and smaller the one thing I could always count on to splash up a outfit was jewelry. As my belly grew I starting sticking with jeans and a neutral sweaters or maternity dresses but I’d spice up my outfits with Chloe and Isabel. I’ve always been an earring girl but have really started branching out with big statement necklaces and am loving them! The pieces have really helped me feel confident in myself as my body changes because I always seemed to get compliments on the jewelry I was wearing. So I hope you enjoy looking at the beautiful pieces as much as I do!
I was really drawn to the friendship policy of Chloe and Isabel. The idea that two best friends with two different styles can come together and wear the perfect piece for them. With the holidays coming there are so many amazing pieces to complete your look for any occasion.  Browse through my boutique at and look below at how amazing these pieces can be. Here I am at 37 weeks wearing the Chloe and Isabel Pearl + Crystal drops long necklace.

The rest of these photos are from the Chloe + Isabel website and shows off some of the amazing ways to style and wear these pieces.

There are so many different options for so many different types of styles. If you are interested in any of these pieces or having questions about the line, please feel free to message me! Enjoy!

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