Last summer look…

I am not quite ready for summer to end. I think because here in Michigan it wasn’t a normal summer. We’ve had hail, floods, power outages and cooler weather. So I figured I’d give you one last Summer look. I was thinking everyone should take that one last trip up north (Michigan peeps) or one last weekend getaway before the real fall weather takes over. Now I love fall and especially being pregnant the cooler weather has been a nice thing, but I know some of you feel like you missed summer. So take that last trip and enjoy!! Fall doesn’t being until September 23rd.
I love being on the water and going for a kayak ride. I love canoeing as well, but if you don’t have either one of the those I think the best way to clear your mind is to just go out to the edge of the water and sit and breath. I sometimes take a chair and a book and just sit there til the sun goes down, or the mosquitoes start to bite. I couldn’t be happier on the water. I get my best thinking and planning done on the lake. But if water’s not for you then go to your calming place and breath. Find that time to restart the brain and get your mind and body ready for the next season.
I went with a super comfortable style for a night on the lake. Whether you get into the kayak or not this outfit works both ways. The linen pants are light and can take getting a splash of water on them. Plus they are easy to move around it.
What a great workout too! I love being on top of the water and feeling like part of the lake. It’s a great arm and core workout without even knowing it! You get centered in the mind and you get a workout. What more can you ask for 🙂
Light jewelry is the way to go when you plan on being outside during a mid temperature evening. You can add the earrings and bracelet after the kayak ride and before you head out to dinner.
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I just had to take one last look at the lake before heading inside. I always take the last breath of lake air when I go inside for the night.  I have to say goodbye to the calm sound and beautiful view of the lake. Especially if it’s my last day on the lake. I’ll head out for one final calming thought. Until next year!
Linen pants: Pink Blush Maternity
Maternity tank top: Target
Wedges(my favorite summer ones): Steve Madden
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Kohl’s

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