I need an easy to apply smooth eyeliner and I’ve found my favorite! I’m sure a lot of you already use this one but if you don’t you need to get it. It’s the Stila all day waterproof liquid eyeliner. Again I was trying all kinds of drug store brands that we’re ok but not great. They either weren’t smooth enough where I would get short little lines across the eyelid and have to go back a bunch of times to straighten it out, or the color wasn’t dark enough.
I finally picked up the Stila stay all day waterproof eyeliner. It’s amazing! The felt tip is so smooth and you can easily glide it on your eyelid no matter how much you blink or eyelids flutter. It’s very build-able; you can start with a thin line then thicken it up easily. I know I’ve heard from a lot of people how great it was but never bought it. I should have listened sooner! If you are like me now is the time to buy!
If you want to save a little cash I found this one by NYX that is very similar to the Stila one. I got the NYX two timer, which has a kohl eyeliner side and a felt tip side. I used the felt tip side and it was nice and smooth and easy to apply. I did get the single felt tip liner pen from NYX  but the felt tip was just not as smooth as the two timer.
So what eyeliners are you loving at the moment??
Ps. I’m still working on the cat eye. It’s tough and I can’t quite get it yet!

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