Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review

I’ve been looking for a really good long wearing full coverage foundation for awhile. I’d been sticking with drug store foundations which I do like during the winter but for me I need something more in the summer.
About 5 years ago when I started taking birth control pills I started getting dark spots on my forehead, checks and above my lip. At first I freaked out because my skin had been pretty good before. My mom told me it was Melasma which I also confirmed with my doctor. Melasma can be caused my taking birth control or being pregnant and is caused by the hormones estrogen. Usually in the winter the discoloration is faded and unnoticeable but when summer comes around and I’m out in the sun more so is the discoloration. Which is frustrating because it’s nice to be tan but you should really stay out of the sun, which I try to do. I wear sunscreen and hats when I’m outside to help, but it still appears. (I use a really good self tanner which I’ll tell you about later.)
So that’s why I have been on the lookout for a great long lasting coverage foundation. I finally went to Sephora after some research and settled in on the Kat Von D Lock-it foundation. I couldn’t be more happy! I really love the full coverage because it covers all my dark spots and really does last all day. Because it’s full coverage it’s a little thicker when applying but it doesn’t feel or look thick or cakey at all when on. I do use my Benefit POREfessional which helps with the appearance of pores and is a great primer. I like to use that before applying the foundation because with a thicker foundation I just have to watch it from showing my pores. I have been using my Sigma F80 brush to apply the foundation, a brush every girl needs.
I would recommend this foundation to anyone, especially if you want a long wearing full coverage foundation. And the price isn’t bad either. About $34. Let me know if there are any other foundations out there that you love! I’d love to hear!

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