A Happy Announcement!

I’m back! I know it’s been quite a while since I made my last post but a lot has happened since I wrote last. It’s been such an exciting and new time for me and my family and it’s my pleasure to announce that my husband and I are having a baby! Little baby Main is due in early December and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous. For the first three months I felt pretty nauseous and uncomfortable with the changes in my body. Being a fitness instructor it was hard to watch my body change but at the end of the day I knew it’s for the health and safety of the baby and there isn’t much I can control. Now that my bump is really showing I am so proud to show it off. I’m 19 weeks along so we will be announcing the sex of the baby very soon. 🙂 So thank you for staying with me and I’ll be posting more very soon!
Thank you! Thor is so excited 🙂

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