Pilates abs for days!

Are you looking to work your abs! Well here a few great options that you can do anywhere or anytime. Working the abs doesn’t take hours so take the time to do them. You can do it right when you wake up, right before bed or even during your favorite show. Enjoy!

Half roll back. Hold weights in hand for a little more challenge.

A great way to work your abs is the Half roll back. Do about 8 to 10 reps and make sure to keep a curve in your spine when you roll back and forward. Remember to breath! Inhale thru the nose and exhale out through the mouth.
Slight pelvic tilt; keep a curve in the spine and roll half way back keeping your feet on the floor

If you have any lower back pain place a ball behind your back for more support!
Half roll back. You can lift and lower the arms and/or open and close the arms.

You can do both options. Lift the arms up to your ears then lower them 8 times making sure to not let your ribs pop. Then you can and do 8 reps opening and closing the arms then alternating opening the right then left.
Obliques; start legs in tabletop, hands behind the head

A great way to work the side abs are the obliques. Again try to do 8 -10 reps making sure you count one and one, two and two, etc.
Obliques. Reach armpit toward the opposite knee as you extend the same leg as rotating. Make sure you think armpit towards knee not elbow

Double leg stretch. Start with hands by your knees…

The double leg stretch is a great way to tone the core. Remember if you are having any neck tension you can put your head down or place a ball under your head.
Then.. Reach your arms by your ears as you extend your legs out to 45 degrees.

Watch from lowering your legs to low. You don’t want to lower your legs to low that you lower back arches or your stomach pops up.  It’s always good to protect you lower spine. Also don’t reach the arms to far behind your head that your ribs pop, or lift.
Scissors! One leg starts at 90 degrees, one starts hovering then switch the legs, making sure they pass each other.

Scissors are an awesome ab exercise. Just try it! There are a few modifications when doing this exercise.
Option 1: Place your hands behind the top leg while pulsing the bottom leg twice, then switch. A great hamstring stretch as well.
Option 2. Place hands by side and pulse bottom leg (can also put head down, or hands behind head)
Option 3:  Single switches. Take out the pulses and just switch.
When doing any of these exercises its important to support your back and neck. Remember place a ball behind back during half roll back, or don’t roll back as far. If you neck hurts at any point just place it back down on the floor or put the ball or a towel behind your head. Lastly don’t lower your legs to low if you feel your low back arching. Also remember to breach in thru the nose and out thru the mouth! Otherwise enjoy and let me know if you have any questions about exercises!
I love you hear about your favorite abs exercises too!
Top, leggings and leg warmers: Lululemon

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