I love a good highlighter. Most of the time I just use the highlighter on days that I go out so investing in a good one is worth it because they last a long time. And a highlighter is not just for the top of you cheekbones, you can use them on under or over the eyebrows and as an eyeshadow in a pinch.
I was in Ulta the other day looking for a different brand when the salesperson pointed me towards this Benefit highlighter. After she put it on the back of my hand I never looked back! I love that is has a pink tint in it and so it blends into my skin nicely with out having too much shimmer. I like the applicator as well. You just brush it on your cheekbones with one side and blend in with the sponge on the other. Sometimes I do need to use a brush to blend it in a little bit more. If you haven’t tried this then you need to! I found mine at Ulta.
photo 2
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The second one I love is this Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm highlight. If such a soft beautiful color that reflects the perfect amount of light on your face. This one has a little bit more white than the benefit one, but works just as well. I love this one under my eyebrows as well. Surprisingly I found mine at Kohl’s and it was the last one. I’d been looking for it for a while when I just happened to be at Kohl’s and couldn’t have been more surprised or excited! You can also pick it up at Nordstrom or online.
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If you haven’t been using a highlight these two are great options to start with. While both beautiful they are different in a perfect way so that you have options to choose from.
Let me know if you have any questions on application or if you have a different highlighter that you love to use. I always love makeup suggestions!

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