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My Spring wear outfit

Outfit of the day on a windy spring day!

Because April showers bring May flowers, there is sometimes a nice breeze in the air. You need an outfit you can wear when running out of the house in the morning before the warm air comes out yet. I love this Lululemon zip up sweatshirt because its super cute and easy to take off before your workout. It also looks awesome open or zipped up; with jeans or leggings so there are many options on how to wear it. You can choose how you wear it that day. Inside the sleeves it also has a thumb holders which I seem to always use! Find something you love and wear it. I hope you all are enjoying this spring and getting in the workouts you want!




Thank goodness all this snow if finally gone! But at least you know this sweatshirt works in the winter as well!.


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Sweatshirt: Lululemon

Leggings: Lululemon

Bag: Lululemon

Sunnies: Target

Shoe: Steve Madden

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