Quick commerical workout

Sometimes you just don’t have all the time in world to workout. You’ll find yourself resting on the couch watching TV after a long day. So why not use that time to your advantage and workout during the commercial break!  The side plank is a quick, easy and effective workout. For modifications you can do the side plank on your forearms if you have trouble staying on up your palms. Add dips and leg raises! Commercials last about 15 to 30 seconds so hold each side for one commercial and then switch sides. Below are a few fun options to try! Make sure that when you are doing your side planks that you are lifting your obliques and keeping your abs engaged to maximize the effects of a quick workout! ENJOY!
Side plank on your forearms:
Add a leg raise: Lift and lower top leg 15 times on each side or hold for 15-30 sec
Side plank: Lower and lift of top leg
Side plank on palms:
Side plank with knees down: Life your obliques!
Side plank on palms, knees down: Add hip dips: 15 dips on each side.
Outfit one:
Tank top: Lululemon
Leggins: Splits 59
Bra: Target
Outfit two:
Sweater and leggings: Splits59

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