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Spring are you here yet?

Hello Spring?!

The calendar says that it’s officially Spring but here in Michigan it still feels like winter. Since I just can’t take this cold winter any longer, I think it’s time to dust off the running shoes and get back outside. I use to run no matter what; rain, snow, sleet, wind or heat but this winter has been rough. The streets and sidewalks were covered in snow and ice from the first snow fall to now making the roads and sidewalks a little scary and slippery to be running on. Plus the below freezing temps didn’t help either. Lets say goodbye to this winter and welcome in the Spring time weather. I think it just needs a boost. So I’m brushing off my running shoes, putting on a warm outfit and hitting the roads! Who’s with me?! If you don’t like to run then go for a walk and take your dog with you for motivation. They’ll love it too! No more sitting inside, let’s get our bodies moving outside again!







Jacket, Tank, Tights: Lululemon

Shoes: New Balance

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